that time a football club president stormed the pitch with a gun

Ivan Savvidis reaching for his gun

Ivan Savvidis, the club president of PAOK Salonika, stormed the pitch during a match on March 11th 2018 – after the referee disallowed his sides goal for offside.

Had the goal not been disallowed, PAOK would have won, as the score remained 0-0 going into the last seconds.

Ivan Savvidis, the gun-toting chairman, was later banned for three years and fined €100,000.

Savvidis with his gun at the waist

Despite apologising, Savvidis claimed he was attempting to prevent a riot among the fans.

“My only aim was to protect PAOK fans from riots and human casualties”.

“I had no intention to engage in a brawl with the referee, I obviously didn’t threaten anyone”.

The infamous incident

Written By: Hassan El-Gendy

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