that time the titanic cast & crew were drugged with pcp

Leonardo and Kate Winslet starring in The Titanic

Remember the movie Titanic?

Yeah, the one where you sat awkwardly with your parents watching the scene with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet get steamy.

On the last day of filming, cast and crew ate clam chowder spiked with PCP – a hallucinogenic drug.

“The chowder was unbelievable. Everyone was going back for seconds, we went to the hospital an hour later, and they didn’t know what to do with us”. “Some people were having flashbacks and bad trips”. Said crew member Marilyn MacAvoy.

We here at TRZ recommend not adding any hallucinogenic substances to your chowder

James Cameron – film director, reportedly ran into his room once he realised something was wrong and began forcing himself to throw up. 

Bill Baxton talking being drugged on set with Legend Larry King

No one was ever caught for the incident.
Don’t do drugs kids.

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