SHAQ paid for his masters degree & that of 15 friends

Shaquille O’neal obtained his Masters degree from Phoenix University

In business meetings, the 4x NBA Champion became frustrated when companies failed to acknowledge his business acumen and went on to speak with his representatives.

In spite of being the CEO and succeeding in a variety of business ventures. Shaq wanted to prove his doubters wrong – just as he did for so many years in the NBA.

Shaq has been successful on and off the court

In order to earn his Master’s degree in business, the 7ft1 NBA legend enrolled at Phoenix University, paying for him and his friends to attend.

Shaq is worth around $400Million – Owns fashion brand Forever 21 and image rights to Marliyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Love burgers? Shaq reportedly owns 155 Five Guys burger restaurants.

Shaq discussing why he decided to get a Master’s degree with friends

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