ralph lauren now sell digital clothing for avatars

Ralph Lauren has designed a clothing line for Zepeto’s 200 million users

Ralph Lauren has conquered the fashion world and now has its sights set on the next generation.

The iconic brand has designed a virtual clothing line for Zepeto – a South Korean social network with over 200 million users.

In the real world, it costs a great deal to be styled head to toe in Ralph Lauren – not so in Zepeto’s virtual world.

The price range varies from $3-$60, accessories like bags and sunglasses are cheaper, while sweaters and shirts will cost you a little more.

As part of this new partnership, the companies have also recreated virtual versions of real-life locations, including New York and its famous Central Park (thats Central Park not Perk for you Friends fans).

Zepto’s popularity has soared with over 400,000 downloads in the last month, and Ralph Lauren believes this is the right way to attract a younger generation.

“This demonstrates our belief that innovating virtual worlds is essential to engaging the next generation of consumers”.

Ralph Lauren & Zepeto promote the new partnership

Written by: Hassan El-Gendy

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