Introducing the $200 Million Drone racing League

Drones in the DRL can reach speeds of above 90MPH

The Drone Racing League is living up to its billing as “the future of sport” – announcing a five-year $100million deal with blockchain platform Algorand.

This thrilling sport pits the best drone pilots in the world against one another. The drones can travel at a breathtaking 0-80MPH in a single second, racing through challenging obstacles.

The Global drone market value is expected to reach $58 Billion by 2026

This is the beginning of something special between Cryptocurrency and sport. has already struck historic deals with the UFC for $175 million, Formula 1 for $100 million and has become the first Cryptocurrency partner for Lionel Messi’s PSG.

Miami Heat sure believe in Crypto sponsorship, Crypto exchange FTX bought the naming rights for the Heat arena by splashing $135 million, a deal that will last for NINETEEN years.

Drones used in the DRL are worth around $2000 and can reach speeds above 90MPH. The global drone market value is expected to reach $58 billion by 2026.

The DRL will also continue to grow as it becomes the first aerial sport fans can legally bet on.

Happy flying ya’ll.

The Drone Racing League in all it’s glory

Written By: Hassan El-Gendy

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