billionaire couple ordered to sell $600 Million art collection

Bunch of flowers painting is being auctioned for $40-$60 Million

In an auction house announcement, Sotheby’s announced they had won the bid to sell a collection of art worth $600 million – a new record for a single auction.

To settle the bitter divorce of the couple married for 59 years, a judge ruled that 65 pieces of art owned by the couple will be sold at auction.

The lawyers for the couple were arguing over how personal belongings will be split and how much they are worth, the artwork being the biggest obstacle.

The couple was known for their love of money – Harry Macklowe purchased an entire floor in New York’s $400 million Plaza hotel, knocking down nine flats, transforming them into one.

Macklowe, 81, is now in love with a new woman, displaying her photo on a skyscraper in New York City to declare his love for Patricia Landeau.

Three is most definitely a crowd

Cy Twombly created one of the paintings on sale, titled, Scattering Of Blossoms in 2007. The painting, which depicts a bunch of blossoms, will be auctioned for an estimated, whopping – $40-60 million.

Galleries around the world will sell the art, including Los Angeles, New York, London and Hong Kong.

Joe Rogan’s amazing reaction to the story

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